As Chief Content Officer, Kevin and his organization are responsible for the delivery of SCM World’s cutting-edge, practitioner driven supply chain content and information. Leveraging the combined experience and learning of over 20,000 practitioners within SCM World’s membership, Kevin and his team deliver an innovative and interactive learning curriculum that meets the needs of today’s supply chain professionals across industry, through a unique peer driven approach.

In addition to his role as Chief Content Officer, Kevin also co-chairs the SCM World Executive Advisory Board, a group of 15 C-level practitioners from the world’s leading brands, dedicated to improving the practice of supply chain management as a profession. Kevin also works with Stanford Business School as a research fellow, helping to shape the direction of supply chain teaching to the next generation of business leaders.

Prior to SCM World, Kevin served as Group Vice President, Supply Chain at Gartner following the 2009 acquisition of AMR Research, where he was Chief Strategy Officer. Kevin’s ten-year career at AMR included the creation of the Supply Chain Top 25, writing over 400 published articles and reports and leading a six-year dialogue with business leaders and luminaries such as Bill Clinton, Gen (ret.) Colin Powell, Michael Eisner, and T. Boone Pickens.